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 Allowable Range: 2-6
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See also [[Main/OptionApmCtrlHor|CTRL_HOR]], [[Main/OptionApmCtrlTime|CTRL_TIME]], [[Main/OptionApmCtrlUnits|CTRL_UNITS]], [[Main/OptionApmHistUnits|HIST_UNITS]], [[Main/OptionApmPredHor|PRED_HOR]],  [[Main/OptionApmPredTime|PRED_TIME]]
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(:title APM.NODES - APMonitor Option:)
(:keywords APM.NODES, Optimization, Estimation, Option, Configure, Default, Description:)
(:description Nodes in each horizon step:)


 Type: Integer, Input
 Default Value: 3
 Description: Nodes in each horizon step

NODES are the number of collocation points in the span of each time segment. For dynamic problems, the time segments are linked together into a time horizon. Successive endpoints of the time segments are merged to form a chain of model predictions. Increasing the number of nodes will generally improve the solution accuracy but also increase the problem size and computation time. Solution accuracy can also be improved by adding more time segments.