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See also [[Main/OptionApmWeb|WEB]], [[Main/OptionApmWebMenu|WEB_MENU]], [[Main/OptionApmWebRefresh|WEB_REFRESH]]
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(:title APM.WEB_PLOT_FREQ - APMonitor Option:)
(:keywords APM.WEB_PLOT_FREQ, Optimization, Estimation, Option, Configure, Default, Description:)
(:description Automatic refresh rate on trends in the web-interface:)


 Type: Integer, Input
 Default Value: 1
 Description: Automatic refresh rate on web interface plots

WEB_PLOT_FREQ is an internal time in seconds to refresh the web-interface plots. This option does not automatically reload the page but just the plot within the web-page. The default value is 1 second but this value can be increased to lessen the network load as data is repeatedly sent from the server to the web-interface. Processes with slow dynamics or long cycle times may not need the fast refresh rates. If an error message appears, it may indicate that the plot source files were in the process of being rewritten when the new request for data was initiated. The error message is resolved by reloading the web-page.