APM - Model File

The model information is contained in the APM file. This is a text file with variables, equations, objects, connections, and default values. There is one model file that can be used in all simulation modes.

Model Structure

The model is stored in a text file with an extension .apm. Comments characters include exclamation mark (!), percent sign (%), and pound sign (#). Comments can be placed at any location in the file and will be ignored during run time. Model indentation is encouraged to improve readability of the file, but is not required. In this case the model name example is chosen. In the following documentation, anything that begins with a capital letter is a system keyword while lower case words can be modified by the user.

   ! list of compounds by name, CAS number, or formula
 End Compounds

   object.child As object.parent
 End Objects

   variable1 = variable2
   object1 = object2
 End Connections

 Model example
    parameter = {default value}, > {lower}, < {upper}
  End Parameters

    variable = {default value}, > {lower}, < {upper}
  End Variables

    variable1 = variable2
    object1 = object2
  End Connections

    ! intermediate variable declarations in explicit equation form
  End Intermediates

    ! equation expressions in open-equation form
  End Equations
 End Model