Lecture 5 - Proportional-Only Control

Lecture 3 (FOPDT from Differential Equations) and Lecture 4 (FOPDT from Data) finished our discussion of how to obtain a First-Order Plus Dead-Time (FOPDT) model. This FOPDT model will now be used to obtain initial tuning constants for a Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) controller.

For today's lecture, we'll cover the Proportional-only controller (simplest form). Two following lectures will cover the Integral and Derivative portions of PID control.


  1. Course reading for next class: Chapter 6 (PPC).
  2. Assignment due by the start of Lecture #6: SP3

Don't forget that the first part of each homework assignment is to write a sentence or two stating the purpose of the problem and what concept is reinforced.

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