Lecture 7 - Proportional-Integral Control

Lecture 5 covered Proportional-Only Control. The tuning parameters were derived from a First-Order Plus Dead-Time (FOPDT) model. For Lecture 7 we'll add the Integral term in addition to the Proportional term. The next lecture, we'll discuss the derivative term to finish our discussion of Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) controllers.


  1. Course reading for next class: Chapter 10 (PPC).
  2. Assignment due by the start of Lecture #8: SP4, SP5

You may find the PID tuning guide useful for SP4 and other homework problems. The correlation used most commonly is to start with Kc = 1/Kp and tau_I = tau_P. Practitioners will typically lower the value of Kc if there is significant dead-time.

It is also found on pg. 285 of the Practical Process Control Textbook.

Don't forget to write the purpose at the beginning of each homework problem. This will help you think about each problem in the context of the overall course objectives.

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