Lecture 9 - Process Equipment

Today's Lecture was a demonstration of process devices for:

  • Flow Measurements
  • Pressure Transducers
  • Temperature Sensors
  • Control Valves

Many of these devices are used in the Unit Operations Lab to measure and control the processes. Understanding the limitations and accuracy of these measurement devices is important in the design of a control application. The class notes give more detail on the control valves and selecting the correct characteristics for a particular service.


  1. Course reading for next class: Ch9 (PDC), Adsorption Refrigerator Internet Research in Preparation for the Heating Plant Tour.
  2. Assignment due by the start of Lecture #10: SP8, Paragraph on Heating Plant Equipment Measurement Devices.

The course schedule has a link to a Daily Universe article about the BYU heating plant. After you read the article and research adsorption refrigeration, describe what measurements may be important to control the heating plant.

Don't forget to write the purpose at the beginning of each homework problem. This will help you think about each problem in the context of the overall course objectives.

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