APM.CSV_READ - APMonitor Option

 Type: Integer, Input
 Default Value: 1
 Description: CSV read: 0=Off
                        1=On (fixed only)
                        2=On (fixed and calculated)

CSV_READ indicates whether a comma separated value data file should be used by the application as part of initializing a problem and loading data.

0 (Off)Do not read CSV (data) file
1Read values from CSV (data) file and transfer to measured property. Transfer to model values for any values that are specified as fixed (versus calculated). This preserves the calculated model values from a prior solution.
2Read values from CSV (data) file for all fixed or calculated values. This option may be desirable when initializing model values. COLDSTART >=1 also uses all CSV (data) file values for initialization but requires that there are zero degrees of freedom with the same number of variables and equations.

The name of the CSV file is the same as the name of the model file base with a .csv extension instead of the .apm extension. When using the Python, MATLAB, or Julia interfaces, the server automatically renames the model and data files to be the same when they are passed to the server. A data file is passed to the server with the csv_load(s,a,’data_file_name.csv’) command. The CSV file can also be removed from the server with the apm(s,a,’clear csv’) command. If there is no CSV (data) file to read and CSV_READ is on, the program continues after leaving a warning message but also turns CSV_READ to 0 (OFF).