APM.HIST_HOR - APMonitor Option

 Type: Integer, Input
 Default Value: 0
 Description: History horizon in web plot displays

HIST_HOR is the number of historical data points to display in the web browser plots. The history horizon values are appended to hst files stored on the server. When HIST_HOR is very large, it can slow down the rendering of the plots or expand the display horizon so much that it can be difficult to distinguish near-term movement. The HIST_HOR does not affect the solution, only the display of prior results. The history always trails off the back of the horizon for simulation, estimation, or control modes. For simulation and control, the newest history points are the initial conditions from the prior cycle. For estimation, the newest history points are also from the initial conditions. Initial conditions from estimation problems are not the current time but from the earliest part of the moving horizon that is time shifted off of the estimation horizon.