APM.MAX_MEMORY - APMonitor Option

 Type: Integer, Input
 Default Value: 4
 Description: Maximum memory utilized during model
              compilation with range 102 to 1010

Computer memory is allocated at run-time based on the size of the problem but there are particular parts during the model compilation that need an upper limit on model complexity. MAX_MEMORY=4 allows up to 104 = 10,000 sparsity elements per equation but can go up to 1010. There are rare cases when more sparsity elements are needed than the default of 10,000. In these cases, an error message states that the amount of memory should be increased with the option MAX_MEMORY. A good practice is to increase MAX_MEMORY by an order of magnitude (+1) until the error is not encountered. Increasing MAX_MEMORY requires more Random Access Memory (RAM) when the model is compiled at the start of each optimization problem.