APM.TIME_SHIFT - APMonitor Option

 Type: Integer, Input
 Default Value: 1
 Description: Time shift for dynamic problems
              0  = OFF
              1  = ON (1 step)
              2+ = ON (multiple steps)

TIME_SHIFT indicates the number of time steps that a prior solution should be shifted to provide both initial conditions and an initial guess for a dynamic simulation or optimization problem. When TIME_SHIFT = 1 (default), the solution is shifted by one time step. For real-time applications, the cycle time of the solutions should correspond to the first time increment of the application. The first time increment is either set in the CSV file in the time column or else with CTRL_TIME. Failure to synchronize the frequency of solution and the first application step size results in dynamic mismatch. The TIME_SHIFT is set to 0 if the solution should not be shifted over from a prior solution. The TIME_SHIFT can be set to >=2 when multiples of the controller cycle time have elapsed since the prior solution.